Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

Holy cow, I completely forgot that Thanksgiving existed.
We have a conference the 1st of December. It’s gonna be cool, we’re gonna do a session and then have the zone conference in the little church/inn thing next to the temple. It’s gonna be cool, we’re gonna try to bring everyone that got baptised to go do baptisms. 

I got the ziploc bag -thanks for the socks and syrup. I’ll probably be transferred like two weeks before Christmas which is terrible but I’ll live with it. 
So it was a super good week. sorta. Actually it was pretty tough, but we ended it with five baptisms, so it was all good. Argentina has a weather problem, it refuses to be constant. In the middle of the week it poured and was freezing -like cold enough to go out in a scarf and boots with flooded streets and constant rain. The next day it was miserably hot. So hot that if I wasn’t a missionary I would have gone out in shorts and a t-shirt.
And because of the lovely weather I got sick. I got sick right on the day of our baptisms. I felt like I was gonna die the whole day. Like I wasn’t gonna be able to get in the water. But luckily the Lord strengthens his servants and I felt ok for the service and it was super great. I’m not gonna describe it, I’m just gonna give you guys a verse that does a good job. Alma 26: 16. Ammon gets it. The baptisms were really fun it was good to see it all come together. We’re hoping for a few more before I get transferred. 
The week was pretty normal other than that we spent a lot of time with Marta. It seems like everyday she had a new question for us that was gonna stop her from being baptised and we came in just in time to answer it. Questions like- I don’t think I can get baptised cause I like listening to music. We got to explain to her how we listen to music and that it’s ok. That was pretty funny. I’m really grateful for the ward here- it’s become like a family for me here. In the noche de hogar this week we had a really cool lesson planned to teach about the Atonement, but we needed the audience to be mostly adults to do it. We go there and there were only kids so we changed it and taught them the Restauracion with soccer examples. We also played a soccer game -elders vs all the little kids. We won.
Love you all!
Elder Sawyer

“This pizza was the birthday of one of the daughters of Armijo”
photo credits to Lorenzo Armijo

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