Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So this was a really good week. People are getting married and having their birthdays. We’ve been invited to so many birthday parties from members and investigators- it’s actually pretty funny. I’m making snickerdoodles for an investigators son’s 3 year party. That’s the coolest thing of the week.

Beto, the son in law of Lorenzo, has been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it. This guy is just awesome. Really, it’s great to be able to teach him. It’s great cause we teach him at 6 in the morning. He has to travel to the capital to work. It’s like a two hour train adventure. He leaves at 7 and gets home at 9. We have to get up at 5:30 to go teach him. So to answer your question mom I barely have enough energy every day. We plan, eat, I stretch and write in my journal and then die in my bed. I’ve been reading about the first fruits of the Resurrection. Me and my comp are part of that cause- we need a resurrection every morning to keep going. I still exercise I’ve gotten back to my pullup bar. We were playing soccer in the morning, but my comp needs a little more rest time. So I do pullups and pushups. 

The most recent service we did was with Beto making a patio. We have a cement mixer thing that we throw rocks, sand, cement and soil into with some water and it comes out cement. It requires lots and lots of shoveling. I’m pretty much an expert at shoveling things. I was shoveling all the rock and sand my comp was carrying buckets and Beto was working the machine. We got a rhythm down and it was fun. I got burned pretty bad,  but I put on some aloe vera so that means I won’t get skin cancer. 

I forget that thanksgiving existed. I spent it doing what we always do. One of the members did send us a message saying happy thanksgiving so we did remember eventually. 

We’re gonna do an activity this week with the movie “meet the Mormons”. We’re pretty excited for that if you haven’t seen it, you guys should watch it. 

We’re going to the temple tomorrow as a zone. Then we have a zone conference there. It’s gonna be super cool. We were trying to get investigators and recent converts to go with us, but in the end it was just a little too difficult. but I’m still excited. 

The last thing that made me laugh was the practicing for the stake choir. I feel like I can sing ok now, I’ve been practicing  lots. But they director lady is trying to do all this complicated stuff. I just stand next to my Brazilian friend and try not to screw up too much. There’s like whole parts where we just go bummmmmm bummmmmm bummmmm. idk I just try to sing the song.

Love you guys!


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