Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

"I know how to dig wells now"
“This is a well for the stuff that goes through the toilet. We had a pulley system going, I had to fill up a bucket and then the other elders would pull it out with the pulley. I got in and out with a ladder that was about 3 meters tall. It was really fun and gross. We only took out about half a meter. That was really fun this week.”

“I taught the Armijo’s how to make snickerdoodles, I’m officially famous for them.”

"Mikaela and her boyfriend Damian"
"We had Mikaela’s baptism which was really great. I directed a choir of JA’s. It was cool, but I don’t know how to direct. We had a ton of people there including three investigators that are now super excited for their baptisms. Mikaela is super great and brave -fighting through lots of oposicion economically and with her family. She’s really amazing." 

Other fun thing was a Seventy visited us. We talked a lot about finding people to teach and stuff. It was president Spitale from Cordoba. Prez chose me to have an interview with him afterwards. We talked a little bit about the mission and then he told me I was gonna be a bishop one day... so that was interesting and super cool.
One of the coolest experiences of the week was one of the simplest. On the way to district meetings we walked up and down the train contacting people. It’s fun- we just go sit down next to people and start sharing the gospel. We went and talked to one guy and he just asks my favorite question- “what makes you guys different?”. I shared the First Vision and the Restauracion. It was super cool. I love you guys a ton and I did take money out the other day -I bought a soccer ball. Me and my comp are playing soccer by our apartment in the morning. 
 Elder Sawyer

PS  Please kick the trash out of Saguaro this week. I’m expecting a win in my letters next week.

“Me and the other elders did a noche de hogar (family home evening) where I was the reporter and interviewed Nefi and Laman, who were played by our Latin companions. It was super funny and cool because the lights got cut right when we started and we did the whole thing by candlelight. it was a fun night.”

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