Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So like Hermano Armijo told you I’m no longer in Longchamps :(  It’s been a sad couple of days. It was a good Barrio and we did a lot of good things there. Hermano Armijo is kinda crazy, the asistencia didn’t go up that much (65-120) but we did have a ton of success and they’re gonna keep having success for a long time.  There are a lot of people that are ready to be baptised in a little bit. Honestly I think it was harder leaving Longchamps than it was leaving home. At least I know I’m gonna see all you guys eventualmente. It was funny the Armijo’s did not like me my fist month here. Like at all. They don’t really like some of the rules that we have. The elders before weren’t really following those rules until I got there. But now the Armijo’s love me and are trying to make up excuses to come visit me. They’re also building their house right now and they’re gonna send you guys pics that you need to send to me. Thanks. Villalon is gonna train there now in Longchamps. I tried to convince prez to send him to be a zone leader instead of me and let me stay and train again, but whatever. It reminds me of something coach Schureman said to me after we lost state.  "Sometimes life sucks" hahahaha. 
 I’m with elder Ponce a Chileno. We’re the zone leaders here in Aldo Bonci. We have 22 missionaries, a normal size zone, 6 hermanas. The area isn’t very big, but it’s kinda complicated with the streets. It’s part of what was the West mission a while ago. I like it already. My comp is super tranquillo and a hard worker. I’m pumped to just get after it right now. My comp says that the area is doing super good and that the ward is great. Lots of Bolivians and people from Peru. It’s gonna be fun, I know nothing about the zone except that we have the temple in it! Wooo!  that means I can go and take people whenever I want. I’m not gonna have a lot more time to write today, but we will talk on Christmas anyway.
 Elder Sawyer 
“This is Joel on his birthday. I baptized him. We floured him. It was pretty funny.” 


“This is lunch with the Armijo’s in front of their house. It’s too hot to be inside."

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