Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

Dear family, I’m gonna keep this short cause we’re gonna have a real life conversation on Friday. We get 40 minutes and I’m gonna call at like 4 o’clock my time. So be ready. The biggest news is that I’ve been transferred from the Buenos Aires South Argentina mission to the Buenos Aires South Bolivia mission. It’s really like a little Bolivia here. It was like another culture shock. It’s a lot of ghetto area, but like a rich ghetto. It’s interesting. Lots and lots of receptive people. Apparently we’re gonna have a consistent flow of investigators that attend church, but progress slowly to baptism. We have a girl that wants to be a missionary and has been investigating the church for months and does visits with us and everything but still is  waiting to be baptised. Yesterday in a lesson she committed another investigator to be baptsied. It’s been kinda difficult adjusting. It’s really different then Longchamps, but I’m really seeing how I’m gonna learn a lot here. My comp is really good he was in the West mission so we have a few different ways of doing things. It’s fun being a zone leader. We got to plan an activity the other night. We went and sang at a park close to the temple. (by the way my house in Argentina is as close to a temple as my house in Arizona) it was really good till there was a delay in the act in front of us. We had to get permission to be out a little late and then we spent like an hour trying to get all the taxis figured out for the zone. But it was good.
love you guys. By the way Hermana Oster the only person that was in my MTC district that is still in this mision is now in my distrct and yesterday we ran into Elder May, my best friend from the MTC at the temple. It’s fun to go to the temple because we always run into someone. 

Elder Sawyer

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