Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce


You know it’s your 2nd Christmas in the mission when the only other person that writes you for Christmas is an ex comp hahahahahahaha. Besides you Mom and Dad!

Christmas was good. A little slow. I would have liked to have spent it in Longchamps. Las fiestas there are pretty great. But it was good we spent it with some recent converts and ate a ton of meat. So much that I got sick. Good thing we had to stay in the pesh the day after. It’s really really hot herewwwwwwww but I like it. Sorry the w button on this computer is broken. So you’re gonna have to take out some w’s. 

We had a baptism the other day which was cool. A kid named Josue. He’s a really good kid and has lots of good questions. We’ve started talking to his friends that are adventistas del septimo dia. idk if that exists in Mexico but they really like the Bible. My comp is also one of those people that really really like the Bible. So the other day after church we did divisions with investigators in church. I went with some new ones that we had and my comp stayed with the others from the septimo dia. I taught for like 40 minutes- it was really good. They accepted the book of Mormon and everything. It was solid. I was expecting my comp to finish around the same time. But when my group finished he was still in there. So naturally I went in to the lesson to see how it was going. hahahaha it was just a big Bible fight. It was pretty interesting. I didn’t get too involved cause it was already unproductive but I learned a lot about why arguing isn’t good and why we have the LDM (book of Mormon). 

The area is really good- we find lots of new people every day. For Christmas lunch I ate on the roof of like a 5 story building in the middle of the villa. That was pretty cool. Oh yeah we planned a super awesome activity for our zone- we played white elephant and stuff. It was really cool and the zone loves us now. Life’s good.  you guys need to send me a pic of spike ball. I can’t see videos here right now. Love you guys lots!!!

Elder Sawyer

Question from Dad:
Where is your camera?
I lost it when people broke into my house and stole it. Don’t tell mom. Another elder that was on his way home gave me his.
Sister Ostler, Elder May (my best friend from the MTC) and me
got to see them at the temple
we were in the same MTC district 

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