Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016- saying goodbye to Buenos Aires

Elder Sawyer and President & Sister Calquin
the beloved Armijo family (from Longchamps) came to say goodbye to Elder Sawyer 
Elder Rook, Lorenzo Armijo & Elder Sawyer

Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 9, 2016- Bevans home-

July 9, 2016- Argentine Independance Day- ward activity

"making the 'locro' for Independence Day"

"having lunch of 'locro' in the church
Locro has been described as a "stew with beans and white corn and meat and chorizo and sweet potatoes and squash and lots of other stuff that you don't ask about"

photo of the ward at the church celebrating the 9th of July

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez.

Dear family, 
like you all know I have one week left in Argentina. and it’s basically gonna be a vacation. But really I’m gonna be in my area for like half the week which is kinda sad. Wednesday we have leadership council, Thursday we have a tour of capital and Friday we go to the temple and have interviews with prez, Saturday is a ward activity and Sunday is gonna be sad. It’s gonna be a really fun week. I’m trying really hard to get everything figured out.
We have had a ton of success these last few days and we have done it all in the rain. It has not stopped raining for like 3 days. We have walked in the rain to appointments basically the whole time. It’s great to see how the efforts really are worth it. We started teaching a family where only one person is a member. It’s a ton of kids- so its super fun. I gave them all nicknames already. also we finally got a lesson in with the Baes family. They are awesome –they’re life is just so full of stuff. They’re always so happy to talk with us, but they want the whole family to be there always- and that’s kinda hard to get. We taught them a lesson today in the morning and it went really well. With these two families I took out my first baptismal dates for days when I’m not going to be a missionary…….
We met Pres Calquin- we had a conference with him this week and it was cool. He’s a funny guy. I’m really not gonna have any time with him, but it is fun to help with the changes. Him and his wife are super Chilean and it’s funny to hear the accent. He says a lot of Chilean words that only me and the Chileans understand (it helps to have had 3 companions from Chile) 
We deep fried Oreos to and made snickerdoodles this week. I’m super excited to see all of you guys. I love you tons.  
This is my last email so I want to tell you all that I know the church is true. I have had the greatest opportunity of my life to see so many miracles here. I love you all and I love our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
See you in a week!
Elder Sawyer

Thursday, June 30, 2016

goodbye and hello- June 29 & 30, 2016

saying goodbye to President Thurgood
saying welcome to President Calquin (from Chile)

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

"last photo with Prez and Sister Thurgood, I'm gonna miss them a lot."
"this is like the Hollywood sign, but in Catan"

Well, it was a solid week. I traveled a ton to do some paper work and do intercambios so it was a lot of time on buses. I learned a lot of Mexican words to use with Andrew when I get home. Talking with Mexicans makes me realize how many words aren’t gonna make any sense to people up there. Yes, I heard about the games. I was invited to watch it many times. No one likes Messi. I gave a talk yesterday in church for like 20 minutes. They left me at the end to take up all the time that was left over after the youth speakers. We also had the farewell with prez this week. It was super sad. He called me last night to say goodbye. It was sad, but he told me to come and visit him. We have a Colombian investigator now who’s really cool, but talks funny. He’s the boyfriend of a menos activa. We started teaching all them this week. They’re all doing really well. The biggest difficulty right now is the weather. It got really cold and started raining, which means the chapel had a lot less people in it and we have to cancel our activity. We were gonna play on a big synthetic field and eat chorizo. That fell apart with the storm so now were gonna go to the stake center and play dodgeball or something. Now I just have to figutr out how to cook 65 chorizos... I’m nervous to go home, but excited. It’s a weird feeling. I love you all and I’ll be seeing you soon...

1- what size do you wear in Nike shoes? need to know for football coaching.
1- 9.5-10-the contaminated water has made me grow so I’m probably a ten now
2- do you want me to put out a general invite to the airport, or just family (and DJ)? or just our family?
2 -do whatever you want just make sure you’re there with Abby
3- do you still have your Argentina flag?
3-yea I didn’t realize it was there for like my whole time here
4- what do you want me to make for some of the dinners when you get home?
4 macaroni and cheese, tamales, waffles, salad. I’m so excited to eat healthy.

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

 Well, you all just like blew my mind with all the news you just sent me so I’m gonna make a list of commentaries.

1. Send my love to the Johnson family. He was one of my priest quorum leaders and was really great. I’m super sad to hear about that. Please let them know that I really appreciated everything that that he did for me and that he made an impact on me. I’m grateful for have had great young men leaders that helped me get to where I’m at.
2. With the game on Tuesday (Copa America- USA versus Argentina)-- me and my comp agreed that for at least this week I’m from Canada. 
3. Send a message to Travis and the wife and wish him my best wishes- I’ll be happy to see them!
4. That’s great about the baptism in Longchamps.  I remember teaching him. Can you send a message to the Armijos and tell them that I’m gonna be in the temple the 8th of July. 
5. hahaha the Caviliers won. One of the elders here is a huge b-ball fan and like freaked out when I told him the Warriors lost. Sounds like they had a good season.......
6. I’m ready to coach any sport, well football or futbol.) haha  I also need a massage and physical therapy. My whole body hurts.

So this was a goodish week.  We had a lot of things fall through and it made it kinda tough. Gonzalez Catan is kind of  a nasty place. I’m glad I’m finishing up here. Presidente Thurgood is finishing up this week so that’s sad. It’s weird right now. We’re just working super hard. It’s just super natural now. We get back just fried every night. The toughest thing was contacting a lady and finding out that she is an ex missionary that has been inactive for 5 years. We’re gonna reactivate her. Makes me thing about the importance of staying firm in everything that I have learned. I love you all a ton and I’m finishing strong have a good week I love you all!
take care! besitos!