Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

“We started the year off well- baptism of Daniela Villagomez”

Guys, I hate this computer so I’m gonna keep it short. So it was a pretty good week. The 1st wasn’t very eventful for us. The fireworks didn’t even wake me up in the night. The biggest and best part of the week was Daniela’s baptism. It was an adventure getting her there. We really just had to get the testimony out of her that she has always had. That and getting her mom to sign the thing. It was really cool- I confirmed her and that was a really spiritual experience. It was different from everything else I had felt before in the mission. Later that day we had a ward activity where we got the whole barrio together in a bit park thing where there’s always a ton of people. We set up a stand and divided into groups to go contact people. I was with a recent convert and two kids with 13 and 14 years. It was fun getting them to do contacts even though they were pretty nervous. It was a good activity and we got a lot of references and contacts and everything.
Love you guys tons hope nobody had too crazy of a week!

1- what did you do for New Years? was it crazy in Aldo Bonzi?
 1-we went to a member’s house. My comp had to do skype. It was actually pretty boring. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

2- I'm gonna send some more paper? need anything specific?
2- just pictures

3- What's been your biggest challenge this week?
3-we had to get Daniela’s mom to sign the paper for her baptism. She wasn’t gonna do it. I fasted and she signed and it was great.

4- Who has been your favorite person this week? why?
 4-probaly Daniela- she likes working with the missionaries. She’s been studying the Bible since she was like 8. It seems like everyone here has and they love talking about it. I usually just sing in the streets to help lighten the mood. But I am learning a lot about why Sunday is the day of rest. I didn’t know that they talked that much about it. 

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