Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

"guess who I saw at the temple? Hermana Armijo! It was so good to see her. Her grandson had my tag, that's why I'm not wearing one, it looks weird to see a picture of me without a missionary tag"
So it was a crazy week. First off Elder Bednar was awesome. It's a whole different atmosphere with him and his wife. He's hilarious and so powerful. It was  just a big questions and answer meeting. We asked him questions and he asked us questions. we learned a lot about learning by the Spirit and how the Spirit can teach different things to different people.  He knows like a tiny bit of Spanish that he mixed in. It was really great. The 4 Buenos Aries misions were there, so I saw all my friends in the East mision too. Afterwords we all went back to the Stake Center and ate together. 
The next day me and my comp went to a hospital in the capital.My comp has gastritis (I don't know how to spell it). We spent the whole morning there. I almost snuck into the medical school to see the cadavers. My comp is gonna live.
The next big thing was Miguel's baptism. President came and that was really cool. We had a lot of people there and it was  really good experience. Afterwards, we had a ward activity, a desert competition and the elders were the judges. I left feeling like a was gonna throw up. hahahaha. It was great. There was a dessert that was just like Mom's toffee squares. That was the winner for me. Elder Gomez has all the photos so I'll try and get them to you guys asap. 
We've been teaching Daniela's younger sisters and older brother. They like drawings so I've been drawing all the lessons for them. It's really enjoyable. Daniela's doing good. Her and Josue are just pumped to do visits with us. 
Love you guys, Till next week!

Elder Sawyer
"my zone"

"This is what happens when people can't come with us into the apartment. We leave them out in the heat."
"me being sick and tired. don’t worry I’m fine”

"This is what I do as a zone leader"

"Miguel's baptism"
"These are my kids that I got to bring to the Capital"

"go Queen Creek!
me and Elder Severtson (he's in BAE now)"

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

“This is Josue- he’s like my bff right now”
So we ended this week with a baptism and so did the other Elders in our ward. So we’re all super excited.
This week really flew by. We had our zone conference which was great. We talked a lot about the worldwide mission broadcast we saw. The only thing that really stunk was that the food we ordered for lunch arrived like an hour late. That really stunk and was kinda stressful cuz we’re in charge of it, but it all worked out in the end.
Afterwards we had intercambios with the assistants. I went to Celina with Elder Vera of Joyjug Argentina. It was fun cause he had been in this ward like a year ago so we looked for some of his old investigators. It was a really good day.
Afterwards the highlight of the week has to be when we went to do visits with our two recent converts. Daneila y Josue. It’s just really cool working with them and hearing them share their testimonies and everything. The two of them want to go on missions. We’re looking at another baptism for this week and hopefully a lot more in March.
Lots of people are coming to us and telling us they want to get married. That like never happens.
Oh and I’ve forgotten two weeks in a row to tell you guys on Tuesday all 4 of the BA missions are taking buses to a giant chapel in the capital to hear Elder Bednar speak! Wooooo!! This is going to be my second Apostle in the mish! We’re pumped.
I’m gonna start sending pics of the Bolivian food we eat. And I do eat good, we just didn’t get to the fruit shop this week and I eat a lot of fruit so I had to live off the bit of fruit that survived last week and food from the market. The markets not that cool except that it’s run by Chinese people and they always blast Chinese music. There’s a Walmart in my zone. I’m gonna have to go back and take pics of mercado central. I just really don’t want to get robbed.....
Oh and remember my great friend Elder Montano? He sent me a backpack from Ecuador. I can’t stop smiling every time I look at it.
Love you guys. Don’t drink wine! And my allergies are fine now that I’m out of the field areas. I’m right next to the capital. I have to cross a 10 lane highway to get to my chapel.
Elder Sawyer
“Her name is Guiselle, her mom is a member and her brothers and sisters. They moved here from another ward.  We found them and help them reactivate in the church. Her dad and grandpa that aren’t’ members came and really liked the baptism. They’re gonna talk with us later. She was scared that we were gonna stop passing by after her baptism, hahahaha her family is really funny.”

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

"me, a Brazilian elder and Yohan -he's getting baptised the 27th. I've figured out that the second best way to find people to teach is on the soccer field. also Brazilians are awesome."
"a menos activo and the girl is an investigator of the other elders that is getting baptized this week"
It was a good week. Carnaval was probably like the funnest day of my mission. Ever. We had divisions and I was in my area with the brand-new elder. He's super new. People thought that he was like 15 years old. It was crazy. We leave the apartment to go to the first appointment and people soak us with buckets of water. We had to run to get away. It was cool because we started contacting people. They started giving us plastic bags for scriptures and water to wash the spray foam off our faces. We ended up teaching a lesson, soaking wet, to Donzita and Antonio. They were really surprised that we stopped by. It was really like a war zone the whole day. The houses here are like 3 to 4 stories tall. People would drop the water bottles balloons on us from that height. It was a good day.
Other news- we took a temple trip with some jovenes and the other elders. Our converts got to enter and do baptisms, so that was super cool.
Last week on Monday we played the Young Men in soccer The four elders dominated. The young men's program here is pretty awesome. The hermano in charge of it is super great. We did divisions with him yesterday. One of the kids that played soccer with the young men on Saturday has a baptismal date on the 27th -we're super excited for him. The zone is doing really well. Two elder had their first baptism the other day. They're both pretty weird and were super nervous. They called and needed some help. They were worried about the clothes and everything. It was actually pretty fun to help calm them down.
I haven’t made the healthy cookies yet because I have not had time and my tbspoons and measuring cup was in my bag that got robbed so I’m still looking for another one. 
Love you all.
Elder Sawyer
"most of my most diligent English students"
"English class"

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

"the view from my pension"
So it was a solid week. Lots of new people. The funniest thing this week had to have been an exchange I had with a brand new elder. He came with me to my area. Here in Argentina people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. The new elders don’t always expect it. It requires a lot of awareness cause some women that aren’t members try and kiss the missionaries. With time we learn to be ready to sort of stick our hands out to shake their hands. We usually have to be very forceful. So we walk into Juan’s house (he’s a 17 year old investigator) and his 21 year old sister is visiting. The new elder walks in and gets a big ol kiss right on the cheek from Juan’s sister. hahahaha he was so shaken and the members we were with couldn’t help from laughing. I had to pretty much push her away with both hands to keep her off me. hahahah but we ended up teaching her and she’s really good. 
We also found and brought to church a new family. Danita and Antonio and their little baby. They are super prepared. They don’t really know much about religion or churches but they really want a change in their lives. It’s great helping and finding young families, especially when they make it to church. You can really see that they worry a lot about their 3 month year old baby. 
 Me and my comp have been a little sick in the stomach and we had to travel a lot this week for Zl meetings so it was a little slower this week ,but we still found a ton of people and had a ton of people at church. Today we’re gonna play soccer with the young men. Hopefully it doesn’t rain. It poured last night and we got stuck in the rain. Luckily someone gave us a ride in their car. We would have drowned without him.
 I’ll tell you about Carnaval next week, if I survive. They’ve already started throwing water at us. It should be a fun few days
Love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

Family, it was a good week -lots of new people to teach and lots of new baptismal dates. One of the kids I was telling you about last week is going to be baptized on the 25th. It's crazy how fast he is accepting everything. We’re finding a lot of young teenager -17 anos is the magic age here. Maybe it's because at that age they usually haven't left home yet. And  thus we don't have to marry them. We got to get them while they're young.
We had 12 investigators at church. Three would already be baptized if it wasn't for marriage problems (meaning they have to get married first). It was a good Sunday, lots of investigators that had come for the first time.
Other news is that the Villa Silena got two more elders this week one a Uruguayan and a Brazilian. It's weird, they're both 26 years old. When they had been my age I had recently left the primary. They're good guys and have already found one new investigator. Again, another 12-year-old, it's cool cause she's has studied English for like six years -she loves going to the English class to practice speaking with me.
Our zone is looking really solid for February. Everyone found lots of new investigators this week.
A fun thing that happened- the four of us were at lunch when out of nowhere it starts to pour. The streets flooded in like 15 minutes. To get out of where we were (the neighborhood) we had to like hop fences and climb through all the stuff. It was fun till we got to a dead end. Luckily some guys passed by in a garbage truck and let us hop on the back, eventually we got out of there. We just sat stood on the top and waved to the people as we passed by them. It was probably a strange sight – four missionaries on a garbage truck passing through flooded streets like a parade.
Hey I need something that is super important. We’re reactivating this family and I need a cookie recipe or something. But it has to be healthy. They eat super healthy and my snickerdoodles won’t cut it. Look for something simple, but yummy and that isn’t all butter por favor.
Happy b day Kyle, when I get back we’re gonna keep up the South American tradition of throwing eggs at people for their b-days. 
 Love you all. Thanks for everything
Elder Sawyer

“Our District and Mauro. He’s a crazy member who lives in Banfield. He came and cooked for us. He loves the missionaries. I’ve never even been in his stake and I still know him really well. He invited me to come and live with him after the mission. He is also super ridiculously rich and I don’t know how.”