Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

Family, it was a good week -lots of new people to teach and lots of new baptismal dates. One of the kids I was telling you about last week is going to be baptized on the 25th. It's crazy how fast he is accepting everything. We’re finding a lot of young teenager -17 anos is the magic age here. Maybe it's because at that age they usually haven't left home yet. And  thus we don't have to marry them. We got to get them while they're young.
We had 12 investigators at church. Three would already be baptized if it wasn't for marriage problems (meaning they have to get married first). It was a good Sunday, lots of investigators that had come for the first time.
Other news is that the Villa Silena got two more elders this week one a Uruguayan and a Brazilian. It's weird, they're both 26 years old. When they had been my age I had recently left the primary. They're good guys and have already found one new investigator. Again, another 12-year-old, it's cool cause she's has studied English for like six years -she loves going to the English class to practice speaking with me.
Our zone is looking really solid for February. Everyone found lots of new investigators this week.
A fun thing that happened- the four of us were at lunch when out of nowhere it starts to pour. The streets flooded in like 15 minutes. To get out of where we were (the neighborhood) we had to like hop fences and climb through all the stuff. It was fun till we got to a dead end. Luckily some guys passed by in a garbage truck and let us hop on the back, eventually we got out of there. We just sat stood on the top and waved to the people as we passed by them. It was probably a strange sight – four missionaries on a garbage truck passing through flooded streets like a parade.
Hey I need something that is super important. We’re reactivating this family and I need a cookie recipe or something. But it has to be healthy. They eat super healthy and my snickerdoodles won’t cut it. Look for something simple, but yummy and that isn’t all butter por favor.
Happy b day Kyle, when I get back we’re gonna keep up the South American tradition of throwing eggs at people for their b-days. 
 Love you all. Thanks for everything
Elder Sawyer

“Our District and Mauro. He’s a crazy member who lives in Banfield. He came and cooked for us. He loves the missionaries. I’ve never even been in his stake and I still know him really well. He invited me to come and live with him after the mission. He is also super ridiculously rich and I don’t know how.” 

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