Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

"me, a Brazilian elder and Yohan -he's getting baptised the 27th. I've figured out that the second best way to find people to teach is on the soccer field. also Brazilians are awesome."
"a menos activo and the girl is an investigator of the other elders that is getting baptized this week"
It was a good week. Carnaval was probably like the funnest day of my mission. Ever. We had divisions and I was in my area with the brand-new elder. He's super new. People thought that he was like 15 years old. It was crazy. We leave the apartment to go to the first appointment and people soak us with buckets of water. We had to run to get away. It was cool because we started contacting people. They started giving us plastic bags for scriptures and water to wash the spray foam off our faces. We ended up teaching a lesson, soaking wet, to Donzita and Antonio. They were really surprised that we stopped by. It was really like a war zone the whole day. The houses here are like 3 to 4 stories tall. People would drop the water bottles balloons on us from that height. It was a good day.
Other news- we took a temple trip with some jovenes and the other elders. Our converts got to enter and do baptisms, so that was super cool.
Last week on Monday we played the Young Men in soccer The four elders dominated. The young men's program here is pretty awesome. The hermano in charge of it is super great. We did divisions with him yesterday. One of the kids that played soccer with the young men on Saturday has a baptismal date on the 27th -we're super excited for him. The zone is doing really well. Two elder had their first baptism the other day. They're both pretty weird and were super nervous. They called and needed some help. They were worried about the clothes and everything. It was actually pretty fun to help calm them down.
I haven’t made the healthy cookies yet because I have not had time and my tbspoons and measuring cup was in my bag that got robbed so I’m still looking for another one. 
Love you all.
Elder Sawyer
"most of my most diligent English students"
"English class"

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