Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

“This is Josue- he’s like my bff right now”
So we ended this week with a baptism and so did the other Elders in our ward. So we’re all super excited.
This week really flew by. We had our zone conference which was great. We talked a lot about the worldwide mission broadcast we saw. The only thing that really stunk was that the food we ordered for lunch arrived like an hour late. That really stunk and was kinda stressful cuz we’re in charge of it, but it all worked out in the end.
Afterwards we had intercambios with the assistants. I went to Celina with Elder Vera of Joyjug Argentina. It was fun cause he had been in this ward like a year ago so we looked for some of his old investigators. It was a really good day.
Afterwards the highlight of the week has to be when we went to do visits with our two recent converts. Daneila y Josue. It’s just really cool working with them and hearing them share their testimonies and everything. The two of them want to go on missions. We’re looking at another baptism for this week and hopefully a lot more in March.
Lots of people are coming to us and telling us they want to get married. That like never happens.
Oh and I’ve forgotten two weeks in a row to tell you guys on Tuesday all 4 of the BA missions are taking buses to a giant chapel in the capital to hear Elder Bednar speak! Wooooo!! This is going to be my second Apostle in the mish! We’re pumped.
I’m gonna start sending pics of the Bolivian food we eat. And I do eat good, we just didn’t get to the fruit shop this week and I eat a lot of fruit so I had to live off the bit of fruit that survived last week and food from the market. The markets not that cool except that it’s run by Chinese people and they always blast Chinese music. There’s a Walmart in my zone. I’m gonna have to go back and take pics of mercado central. I just really don’t want to get robbed.....
Oh and remember my great friend Elder Montano? He sent me a backpack from Ecuador. I can’t stop smiling every time I look at it.
Love you guys. Don’t drink wine! And my allergies are fine now that I’m out of the field areas. I’m right next to the capital. I have to cross a 10 lane highway to get to my chapel.
Elder Sawyer
“Her name is Guiselle, her mom is a member and her brothers and sisters. They moved here from another ward.  We found them and help them reactivate in the church. Her dad and grandpa that aren’t’ members came and really liked the baptism. They’re gonna talk with us later. She was scared that we were gonna stop passing by after her baptism, hahahaha her family is really funny.”

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