Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

"the view from my pension"
So it was a solid week. Lots of new people. The funniest thing this week had to have been an exchange I had with a brand new elder. He came with me to my area. Here in Argentina people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. The new elders don’t always expect it. It requires a lot of awareness cause some women that aren’t members try and kiss the missionaries. With time we learn to be ready to sort of stick our hands out to shake their hands. We usually have to be very forceful. So we walk into Juan’s house (he’s a 17 year old investigator) and his 21 year old sister is visiting. The new elder walks in and gets a big ol kiss right on the cheek from Juan’s sister. hahahaha he was so shaken and the members we were with couldn’t help from laughing. I had to pretty much push her away with both hands to keep her off me. hahahah but we ended up teaching her and she’s really good. 
We also found and brought to church a new family. Danita and Antonio and their little baby. They are super prepared. They don’t really know much about religion or churches but they really want a change in their lives. It’s great helping and finding young families, especially when they make it to church. You can really see that they worry a lot about their 3 month year old baby. 
 Me and my comp have been a little sick in the stomach and we had to travel a lot this week for Zl meetings so it was a little slower this week ,but we still found a ton of people and had a ton of people at church. Today we’re gonna play soccer with the young men. Hopefully it doesn’t rain. It poured last night and we got stuck in the rain. Luckily someone gave us a ride in their car. We would have drowned without him.
 I’ll tell you about Carnaval next week, if I survive. They’ve already started throwing water at us. It should be a fun few days
Love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

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