Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco

“Niko is our ward mission leader. He’s super great and really funny. He likes the missionaries a lot and always wants us to eat with him. he’s also super dedicated to doing activities and visits and stuff which is great.”

So Catan is great. What I heard about Catan was correct- I’m going to get fat and probably robbed. It’s a whole other world here, like crazy. It’s super super Argentine which I love and super great. If I could describe it in one word it would be sketchy. There’s parts where it looks like a scene from an apocalyptic end of the world movie. This week I took my first trucho bus -they’re the buses not run by the government that help us get around the area. They’re all super old and barely run. Some of them look like they rolled out of a horror movie. It’s been an enjoyable week -the members are great here. The thing is we don’t have a ton of investigators right now. It’s gonna be all about finding right now. And we’ve already found a lot of really prepared people. One guy, that we almost just passed by walking down the road, I went back to talk with him- turns out he and his family had met the missionaries in Paraguay a while back and had actually gone to church and everything. We taught him and his bro and invited them to church. When we passed by Sunday in the morning nobody came out when we knocked. So we went and got on the bus. Right after we got on the bus he calls us and tells us that he had been in the bathroom and we barely missed him. That stunk, but we passed by later that night and he and his bro had been reading the book of Mormon and had actually started looking for references and stuff. That was pretty awesome. The other cool thing this week was when we went to the temple. Remember Jorge Correa and his family? Me and Elder Vargas found and taught them in El Carmen. The only reason they didn’t get baptised with us was because they weren’t married yet. They’re getting sealed in June. I ran into the whole La Plata Este stake and got to see a ton of people- that was really cool.
Kyle, the only reason you won the NCAA bracket last year was cuz I was in Argentina.
Ryan, Elder Bednar is a great speaker. I’m glad you got the chance to shake his hand. Enjoy the weather. It’s starting to get cold here and I’m not excited. 
Abby, I played tag with some little kids here this week. Here it’s called quemado (burned)- it’s fun. 

Love you guys a ton and have a good week!

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