Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco

Dear family, 
If one day you have to give a talk in church please please please please don’t talk about garments. Cause you don’t know if the missionaries have an investigator that likes to question everything about everything. you also don’t know if the day you decide to give talk about garments, the pre-existence, the law of chastity, tithing, the word of wisdom and the things we do in the temple is the day when that investigator come with the missionaries to church and sits on the front row. hahahahaahaha. It was a fun Sunday. Our investigators name is Marcelo. He’s a good investigator and is willing to read and try everything about the church. But he also nitpicks sometimes. The talk from this brother gave us a lot of work to do with him. We were gonna take him to the temple but now he’s kinda nervous from what he heard. hahahaha. Missionaries have a different mindset about church -I think. We’re always just super focused on helping the investigators have a good experience that we forget that everyone else isn’t a missionary. It was good though. We also had César and his bro at church. Casildo (Cesar’s bro) just moved from Paraguay and was super excited to speak Guarani with our bishop at church. He wants to do visits with us and wants a calling in the church already. So that’s pretty awesome. Brandon got baptised and is super great. Prez came to the service and spoke. Have you guys seen the video for the church for Easter? I’ve about got it memorized. Every week Catan surprises me. I rode in one of the conveys this week. They’re just big sketchy vans that people drive around in and drop people off in certain places. It was interesting. Don’t tell me who won games cause my bracket is coming next week. Have fun -enjoy the heat it’s cold here now and I’m not a fan. Have a good week.  love you guys!
mapa de Catan 3A
“This is Elder Tinoco -my comp. His nickname is Rambo cause he’s served in all the sketchy parts of the mission.”

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