Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016- in Gonzalaz Catan with Elder Tinoco

"que tengan buen p-day !! :)"

So it was a pretty normal week. The saddest thing is that we had 0 investigators at church. It’s the first time in more than a year that I haven’t had investigators... that was kinda bad. But it just makes me want to work harder this week. It might have been because we basically spent two whole days helping prez with interviews and giving capacitation to the zone. But in spite of the difficulties we have founds a lot of good people. We did a tormenta blanca with the ward and some other missionaries in our area and had a lot of success finding new people to teach. The coolest thing of the week was when we taught Cesar the word of wisdom. We told him that he couldn’t consume coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco or drugs. We then asked if he had a problem with one of those things- him and his bro started cracking up and said he had problems with all five. hahahaha we then asked if he could stop taking them he said he could and would. As far as I know he has kept the word of wisdom 100 percent since that lesson. The other cool lesson was Marcelo our evangelico. We taught him in the temple waiting room with a temple worker. That was pretty powerful -we got to answer all his questions about garments and stuff. It was good to get the message from Armijo.  I flipping love Hermano Armijo. I think that they’re gonna come to our stake center for general conference which will be pretty cool.
 I’m doing good I love you guys a ton!!
 Elder Sawyer
PS dear mommy I want to wash the backpack that Elder Montaño sent me from Ecuador, but I don’t want to damage it. It’s fabric, but it’s like a different fabricits sorta like woven- have any ideas? Remember it’s like my favorite thing in the world.  love ya

1- you said in your last letter, "it's super super Argentine in Catan" what does that mean?- 
1 it means that everyone drinks mate, talks in vos, swears like argentines, sleeps from 2-5 in the afternoon and everyone is really good at soccer. 

2- Can you take a picture of a "trucho bus”?
2-when I get the opportunity. They’re not very safe and it’s not safe to have my camera out.

3- I saw the Easter video in Stake Conference. pretty cool
3-I have it memorized

6- What did you do for Easter?
6-nothing really happened. It was like a normal day

7- We got your flight info in an email the other day. Do you want to know what day you are speaking on?

7- I asked prez if I can extend and I would like a topic.
“These are my neighbors- the big guy is a chef from Brazil. I love Brazilians”

print it out and hang it on the wall- I know I'm a week late, but believe me, I have no way of cheating!

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