Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce transferring to Gonzalez Catan

"Lunch with Josue"

"my bff's"

so, I have good news and bad news. the bad news is that i'm not in villa celina anymore. the good news is that i'm back in Argentina hahaha. i'm now in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco from Honduras and i'm super pumped. we've know each other for like 6 months already, we started training together and both our trainees are in the Zone. We're the zone leaders of a zone of 32 Elders. Gonzalez Catana is the most dangerous part of the mission that's why there are 0 hermanas here. i'm pretty pumped. Elder ponce was here a while ago. from what i have heard i'm going to get fat and probably robbed. it's gonna be fun. i've been missing Argentina. Leaving Celina Stunk. two transfers there went really fast. i was a big surprise that i left. it always stinks leaving an area. it like rips my heart out saying bye to everyone. I never cry, but other people do and it's sad. it's also sad because we were expecting a lot of baptisms this month but hey 'im needed here in Catana. this is pretty much for sure my last area. 'i'm just excited to work. i have learned a lot and i'm just ready to go at it for 4 months here. other then the big change it was a good week. we enjoyed it and we got a lot of stuff doing. There's Metallica playing in the cyber right now and i just realized i still remember the words. hahahahahah we had consejo de liderazgo (leadership council) too so that was fun travelling to Banfeild oh and i almost forget i ran into Hermana Armijo in the temple the other day. we went to bring investigators and she was there with the young women. it was awesome. i bought her a triple combination and talked with Lorenzo on the phone. that was really cool. 
I love you guys tons and hope that all is well. Argentina is good. also can someone tell me how to send a video they need a video for the young men activity and i don't know how to send it,,,,,,
love you all!

"dessert contest at the ward"
"mercado central"
"try and read the writing"
"pice de mayo. its a giant plate of french fries and cut up sausages and beef and onions covered in salsas. it's pretty amazing- the four of us got filled up with one plate"
"this was the hardest goodbye- her sisters were gonna be baptised this month and they really liked me because I would draw pictures for all the lessons. the papers on the wall are all the verses that we memorized together. it was part of my trick to get her interested in the book of Mormon and it worked. hahahaha"
"this is what people do for work in villa celina. it's pretty crazy we got to help a lot of them do it in their big  sewing factories.:

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