Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

 Elders Sawyer & Villalon
“Those are two of the Armijo’s that came to drop some stuff off for elder Villalon. We just happened to run into each other -it was really cool to see them.”

So it was a good interesting hard week. Lots of things that happened and it all sorta piled up right at transfers so I’ve been working like crazy trying to get everything organized. The new zone is really great. I’m super pumped for everyone that we’ve got here. I think we’re gonna see a big improvements. Me and my comp are getting along really well and we are eating a ton. Everyone’s been inviting us to eat which is good. It’s also been pouring a ton so it’s been an adventure. The great news is that the quorum prez found work for one of our investigators and he is now ever more excited about the church and having a calling. The bad news is Daniel couldn’t come to church because his foot got infected. I don’t know if I told you that they had to cut off his big toe, so that was kinda a downer. He’s a champ. He needs glasses because of his diabetes- he can barely see. Still he reads constantly every day. It’s actually pretty incredible to see the progress and his desire to learn. This week we have two days of interviews leadership counsel (where we talk about the mission and make decisions. we talk about rule changes, policy changes, things that are going on. we make decisions and learn stuff to teach in the mission). The only problem is that it’s like a 2 hour adventure to get to there and stake conference so it’s gonna be a pretty weird week. We aren’t gonna have a ton of time to work this week. but were really excited for some people we found this week and all is well.
Love you guys a ton. I’m gonna learn how to make empanadas from scratch today!
Elder Sawyer
P.S. Abby, I’m gonna come back and kick your butt at tether ball. I love you tons mi hermanita!  
P.S. I might call another day than Mother’s Day. I’m gonna call from Niko’s house so it will be a good connection. I’ll let you know next week. Let me know your guys schedule. 
P.S.S. Kyle, keep it together -everything gets better in august.

 "Having dinner with the missionaries empadao... Doing  for the two years of a member...
With Elder Marquez / Elder Sawyer / Elder Nixon / Elder Ribeiro"
photo from Niko
"with Fernando"

Monday, April 18, 2016

April18, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco

So a pretty good week. Found a few more people and took out some new baptismal dates. The news is that we have changes- I’m staying here with a new Elder Marcus from Mexico. He’s gonna be finishing me off almost for sure. I stayed behind in the area with Elder Ribeiro today while Elder Tinoco and Elder Slack go to Banfield to look for their comps and send our new comps back. It stinks that I couldn’t go. The mission only sent one car. It’s like there’s a party with all my missionary friends in Banfield and me and E Ribeiro didn’t get invited. But whatever I’m gonna learn how to cook some Brazilian food right now and enjoy my time with this Brasilero. He’s hilarious and has the strongest Portuguese accent I have ever heard. The miracle of the week was Casildo our Paraguayo, who goes to church all by himself. We didn’t even have to remind him. He’s the guy that wants a calling already. He’s a champ and he ran into all the Paraguayan miembros and now they’re all friends. It was pretty cool. We’re gonna see if we get him in the font this month. 
 The other fun adventure was fulfilling my role as a zone leader and helping some elders that were sorta lost in the work. (not in the good sense). we went and helped them out a little bit. It was fun riding around on a bike for a day. It’s fun doing these divisiones but it’s exhausting. It’s like one day to train and bring life into an area.
 So in the intercambios I went on I just wanted to help them find people. So we took off on the bikes in the pouring rain to go and contact old investigators and less active members. It was raining and dark outside. That stuff doesn’t really bother me anymore. Even when the kids on the corner start telling us that were gonna be robbed, I just keep going. We started going into a sorta sketchy part and I decided to ask my comp (the one I was helping, not Tinoco, he can handle anything) how he was doing. He told me he was kinda scared. He was kinda really scared. It was dark and everything so I told him it was ok and we could go back to the apartment and talk to the people in the street by the apartment. We went back and found a lady that had been to temple square eight times but wasn’t a member. That was pretty cool. It was an interesting intercambio. 
 I love you guys a ton! I’ll send pics nest week! I let another elder borrow my camera for his last week here cause his got robbed! Chau!

Elder Sawyer

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco

"It rained a little. It was super fun. We had a tournament with all the districts and my district destroyed"

So it was a pretty great week I’ll give you guys the highlights. first of all a super cool thing while me and my comp were eating 2 dollar pizzas in the apartment for lunch. we watched a talk from elder Holland talking in the mtc. He talked about Preach my Gospel and the how important it is that we don’t just memorize the lessons but that we know the doctrine. Andrew probably would recognize it. He gives an example of two elders who contacted a lady in Ukraine like 50 years ago and got rejected. They ask why and she explains how her baby had died and when she went to a church for spiritual help the pastor told her that her baby was condemned and she was too she didn’t want anything to do with churches after that experience. The elders then opened up to Moroni 8 and explained where her baby really was. She then got baptised and is a legend in Ukraine. We went to a lesson the other day- I was with one of the asistants in divisiones. The lady tells us that her grandma and her baby had died. It was really just like the story that elder Holland told. I pulled out Mornoi 8 and Alma 40 and it was really spiritual and awesome. The next thing was Daniel. He is the only person in his family that isn’t a member of the church. The Lord has humbled him a lot recently so he is really ready to hear us. He was a reference from an excommunicated bishop. (the ex bishop is a good guy working back to become a member and everything) we didn’t think he was gonna make it to church because he can’t walk a lot. He just had surgery to remove his big toe. but his brother went and picked him up. He’s awesome. he’s from Lafere which is known for being a rough part of town. He looks like he’s from the rough part of town. It’s amazing to see how he just eats up the gospel. He reads every day without fail even though he can barely see right now without glasses. He’s awesome. I’m doing really good. I love you guys a lot!

Elder Sawyer

1- The picture you sent us ---“it says ‘algun dia tus hijos preguntar├ín quien fue’. ‘One day your kids will ask who I was. I’m sorta the maradona of missionaries”
What is a maradona?
1 Maradona is the best soccer player that has ever lived. According to the Argentines. Fiorito is where he was born and is known as the city of God. He punched a goal in once against England and they counted it. 

2- what's a tormenta blanca?
2 white storm. Where all the missionaries get together and just destroy one area for a day

3-how much does it cost to rent a soccer grass field?

3 - 500 pesos. 50 dollars. It was amazing. I’m a lot better on a bigger field.

Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco

"me and Elder Tinoco"

Hey everyone so it was a pretty great week. I’ll give you some of the highlights. First off, we had leadership council with all the Zone Leaders. The mtg is usually like two hours away for us and we have to go and stay the night with the office elders, but Elder Ginato the pensionero is my best friend and happened to be in Catan on Tuesday. He drove us to Banfield in the mission truck and we stayed the night with them in their apartment. Leadership council was really good. Learned a lot of things. President always asks us if we have questions about doctrine or whatever and the last mtg nobody really had questions. He said we should always have questions so this week me and my comp came with a list of questions. It was really good. Another adventure that I had was an intercambio. Thursday it was super-hot so naturally I thought Friday would be super-hot as well. I was wrong. I left my area without any warm clothing and it started to pour. If it wasn’t for the charity of some investigators that gave me a coat and a pink umbrella I probably would have died. hhhaahaha. It was fun- it poured all day and the other elders didn’t really have any plans, But we found a bunch of new people and it was good. General Conference was really good. only one investigator though :( that was kinda frustrating but one is good enough ;) I really liked Elder Hales, Pres Monson and the guy that talked about the sailors drowning cause no one went to save them. It’s fun lots of animo. Genereal Conference is like the Super Bowl to missionaries. We’re gonna play soccer today- I think. We’re renting a grass field to play on. I hope it works out. One of the miracles of Argentina is that it can be sunny and rainy at the same time. Love you guys!

PS Thanks for the college advice. I can’t extend. I don’t think I ever really thought they would let me but I wanted to try. 

"Elder Sawyer and Tinoco at Brandon's baptism"