Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

 Elders Sawyer & Villalon
“Those are two of the Armijo’s that came to drop some stuff off for elder Villalon. We just happened to run into each other -it was really cool to see them.”

So it was a good interesting hard week. Lots of things that happened and it all sorta piled up right at transfers so I’ve been working like crazy trying to get everything organized. The new zone is really great. I’m super pumped for everyone that we’ve got here. I think we’re gonna see a big improvements. Me and my comp are getting along really well and we are eating a ton. Everyone’s been inviting us to eat which is good. It’s also been pouring a ton so it’s been an adventure. The great news is that the quorum prez found work for one of our investigators and he is now ever more excited about the church and having a calling. The bad news is Daniel couldn’t come to church because his foot got infected. I don’t know if I told you that they had to cut off his big toe, so that was kinda a downer. He’s a champ. He needs glasses because of his diabetes- he can barely see. Still he reads constantly every day. It’s actually pretty incredible to see the progress and his desire to learn. This week we have two days of interviews leadership counsel (where we talk about the mission and make decisions. we talk about rule changes, policy changes, things that are going on. we make decisions and learn stuff to teach in the mission). The only problem is that it’s like a 2 hour adventure to get to there and stake conference so it’s gonna be a pretty weird week. We aren’t gonna have a ton of time to work this week. but were really excited for some people we found this week and all is well.
Love you guys a ton. I’m gonna learn how to make empanadas from scratch today!
Elder Sawyer
P.S. Abby, I’m gonna come back and kick your butt at tether ball. I love you tons mi hermanita!  
P.S. I might call another day than Mother’s Day. I’m gonna call from Niko’s house so it will be a good connection. I’ll let you know next week. Let me know your guys schedule. 
P.S.S. Kyle, keep it together -everything gets better in august.

 "Having dinner with the missionaries empadao... Doing  for the two years of a member...
With Elder Marquez / Elder Sawyer / Elder Nixon / Elder Ribeiro"
photo from Niko
"with Fernando"

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