Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco

"me and Elder Tinoco"

Hey everyone so it was a pretty great week. I’ll give you some of the highlights. First off, we had leadership council with all the Zone Leaders. The mtg is usually like two hours away for us and we have to go and stay the night with the office elders, but Elder Ginato the pensionero is my best friend and happened to be in Catan on Tuesday. He drove us to Banfield in the mission truck and we stayed the night with them in their apartment. Leadership council was really good. Learned a lot of things. President always asks us if we have questions about doctrine or whatever and the last mtg nobody really had questions. He said we should always have questions so this week me and my comp came with a list of questions. It was really good. Another adventure that I had was an intercambio. Thursday it was super-hot so naturally I thought Friday would be super-hot as well. I was wrong. I left my area without any warm clothing and it started to pour. If it wasn’t for the charity of some investigators that gave me a coat and a pink umbrella I probably would have died. hhhaahaha. It was fun- it poured all day and the other elders didn’t really have any plans, But we found a bunch of new people and it was good. General Conference was really good. only one investigator though :( that was kinda frustrating but one is good enough ;) I really liked Elder Hales, Pres Monson and the guy that talked about the sailors drowning cause no one went to save them. It’s fun lots of animo. Genereal Conference is like the Super Bowl to missionaries. We’re gonna play soccer today- I think. We’re renting a grass field to play on. I hope it works out. One of the miracles of Argentina is that it can be sunny and rainy at the same time. Love you guys!

PS Thanks for the college advice. I can’t extend. I don’t think I ever really thought they would let me but I wanted to try. 

"Elder Sawyer and Tinoco at Brandon's baptism"

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