Monday, April 18, 2016

April18, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Tinoco

So a pretty good week. Found a few more people and took out some new baptismal dates. The news is that we have changes- I’m staying here with a new Elder Marcus from Mexico. He’s gonna be finishing me off almost for sure. I stayed behind in the area with Elder Ribeiro today while Elder Tinoco and Elder Slack go to Banfield to look for their comps and send our new comps back. It stinks that I couldn’t go. The mission only sent one car. It’s like there’s a party with all my missionary friends in Banfield and me and E Ribeiro didn’t get invited. But whatever I’m gonna learn how to cook some Brazilian food right now and enjoy my time with this Brasilero. He’s hilarious and has the strongest Portuguese accent I have ever heard. The miracle of the week was Casildo our Paraguayo, who goes to church all by himself. We didn’t even have to remind him. He’s the guy that wants a calling already. He’s a champ and he ran into all the Paraguayan miembros and now they’re all friends. It was pretty cool. We’re gonna see if we get him in the font this month. 
 The other fun adventure was fulfilling my role as a zone leader and helping some elders that were sorta lost in the work. (not in the good sense). we went and helped them out a little bit. It was fun riding around on a bike for a day. It’s fun doing these divisiones but it’s exhausting. It’s like one day to train and bring life into an area.
 So in the intercambios I went on I just wanted to help them find people. So we took off on the bikes in the pouring rain to go and contact old investigators and less active members. It was raining and dark outside. That stuff doesn’t really bother me anymore. Even when the kids on the corner start telling us that were gonna be robbed, I just keep going. We started going into a sorta sketchy part and I decided to ask my comp (the one I was helping, not Tinoco, he can handle anything) how he was doing. He told me he was kinda scared. He was kinda really scared. It was dark and everything so I told him it was ok and we could go back to the apartment and talk to the people in the street by the apartment. We went back and found a lady that had been to temple square eight times but wasn’t a member. That was pretty cool. It was an interesting intercambio. 
 I love you guys a ton! I’ll send pics nest week! I let another elder borrow my camera for his last week here cause his got robbed! Chau!

Elder Sawyer

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