Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

“Daniel’s baptism was really awesome. He’s was the only member of his family that was not baptized. His brother baptized him. It was really really cool. He’s a champ.” 

Dear home,
 It was a good week. Daniel’s baptism was really cool. It was great to see all his family there. he was sorta the black sheep of the family before, but now he’s helping his less active bros get back to church. One of his bros baptised him. It was great to see how happy his mom was. As his younger brother drove home at night he thanked us and told us that he never thought he would see the day when his bro was baptised. 

Other than that this was a pretty tiring week. We had a few days that were just really heavy. lots and lots of people having difficulties. Family and health problems. We try our best to help and that’s one of the best things of being a missionary is helping people find peace in hard situations. but sometimes it just weighs down on you. It’s something that I really admire about president Thurgood, he deals with this sorta stuff all the time but has learned how to not let it affect his personal happiness. 

As far as shoes, I’ll look around, but I’m fine with shoes. I just borrow shoes when we play soccer and I do exercises in socks with a mat. I can go get a pair of Adidas with a Nike swoosh that say manufactured by Under Armour, all sold in a Reebok box hahahaha. Yea, I can get real shoes, I just have to go to to a real shoe store-and those kind of stores aren’t found in my area right now. haha

My comp got a box of Mexican salsa from home and we’ve been taking it to people’s houses to try with lunch. no one here eats picante so it’s been pretty fun. Plus I love it.

I gotta go now. It was good talking to you. I’m doing really good and I’m excited to see you guys again. I’m starting to get a little nervous for coming home but I think that’s just part of it. love you!

I love you guys a ton. Have a good week!


“me at six thirty everyday
“this photo is in Nico’s house. Niko's dad lived in Brazil for a time and Elder Ribeiro is from Brazil and is a chef. So Elder Ribeiro cooked a weird Brazilian dish with pig feet and everything. hahahaha Niko’s parents were really excited.”

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