Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

“my best friend Fernando”
“me and Prez and Sister Thurgood”
So this week we had interviews and meetings and tons of zone leader stuff to do. It’s crazy how it all fell onto the same week. So we didn’t have a ton of time to work this week, but the time we did have was really productive. Daniel is still progressing really well -linea por linea. He went to stake conference and loved it. He’s started preaching to his inactive family members about the church- he’s awesome. The funniest thing of the week was when we passed by a birthday party of one of our investigators. One of the members of the church at the party started talking about how it was almost my birthday. Somehow that family of investigators understood that my birthday was the 1st of May. Long story short they made a surprise birthday dinner and cake for me and sang to me and everything. Hahaaha. I had to tell everyone that my b-day is Friday. It was funny. We’re really excited about this family too. There’s like 6 of them. They’re all bros and sisters and their mom. They all have over 17 years and are all progressing little by little. It’s weird because each one has his or hers own pace and we have to teach according to the pace of each one of them. We’re seeing a lot of progress and we are getting a lot of help from the youth to help them. The other big news is that I’m cold. It got ridiculously cold this week. I hate it. But I’m now using my scarf. I set off the scarf fad in the zone this year. I wore it to a mtg and everyone asked me about it. Now everyone uses scarfs. hahahaaha I love you all a ton!
 Birthday cakeDoughnutBirthday cakeShortcakeChocolate barCandyLollipopCustardHoney potFork and knifeCookingBeer mugHamburgerFrench friesSlice of pizzaCooked riceRice ballRice crackerBento boxPot of food🍿Poultry legMeat on boneBreadChestnutStrawberryTomatoEar of maize I’m getting fat! (and i just discovered these little picture thingies)
Elder Sawyer.

1- I just read "the new zone" in your last letter. You are in a new zone or opened a new zone?
1 same zone new people that’s all.
2-do you have a church attendance rule before the can get baptized? like, they have to go to church 5 times in Oaxaca to get baptized.
2 -it’s 3 time here
3-Could you order some large print scriptures for Daniel?
3- we're  working on it. he’s a champ. he always reads and always has questions about what he’s read.
4- so we will eat a cake in your honor on Friday. What kind would you like?
4 broccoli flavored would be good.
5- phone call -- date and time??
5 I totally forgot about that i will let you know somehow....
I’m gonna have Niko or someone send you a message letting you know when I’m gonna call for Mother’s Day
6- birthday!  

 “This is at Stake Conference.”

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