Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

“The three girls are sisters. Us elders are gonna go buy matching sweaters now. The one in the middle is the one that almost gave me a concussion with a hard-boiled egg she threw at me for my birthday!”

I am so flipping tired.... this week was just crazy. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this, but we don’t live in my area (a little too dangerous haha) - we either have to walk there or take a bus that takes a while so we usually walk to save time. It’s far away so when we leave there is no going back. We had to leave a few times early to make it to mtgs and stuff. It usually comes out to like more than 12 hours out working, but it’s paying off -we found a bunch of new people. One family that’s super great. There’s a total of nine people there in the house and we taught them all and they all accepted to pray and come to church.  They all couldn’t come this week due to other things that they had arranged before, but I know they will get there. It’s good to see how the hard work pays off. It’s also nice to see the numbers. They’re really showing our efforts right now.

We also had the blessing of not getting robbed this week. There were a couple of situations that had me worried for a little bit.

The zone is doing good, everyone is baptising and healthy.

I’m using elder Villalons soccer cleats right now. They’re pretty great. I’m pretty sure that I’m playing better than Messi right now hahaha.

I don’t think I’m gonna have any changes right now so it’s gonna be me and mexico till the end. I gave a talk on contention on Sunday. It’s something that our ward really needs. Love you guys a ton!

Elder Sawyer

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