Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

“This is Papi Tito. He’s  my ward mission leader from Longchamps.  We dug a well with him. He was in Catan for an adult singles activity

So this was a pretty interesting kinda stinky but still awesome week. It rained like 3 days straight and the ward activity that we were all excited for was canceled. Me and my comp were also a little sick. My comp was much worse of then me. but we still got a lot of work done and didn’t get robbed. It gets dark a lot earlier now so it’s even sketchier than before.

The funniest thing of the week was Sunday morning. It was something I don’t know if I ever thought I would do. I went out at 7:30 in the morning with a Brazilian to try and bring people to church. We tied plastic bags to our shoes and I tucked my pants into my socks so they wouldn’t get covered in mud before church. It was pretty funny to see. It rained really hard on Sunday so there was like no one in church. The best thing though was Daniel, our recent convert, who came anyway in the white shirt and tie I had given him. The other awesome thing was seeing this Hermana just a walking to church in the rain. She’s this super tiny Bolivian grandma. She fell and broke her arm recently so she’s in a sling and a cast. She walked all by herself to get to church. It was pretty awesome to see her make it. It really shows the importance of going to church.

I also had a really good lunch this week. The lady served us the food and we ate. It all looked really normal, but then afterwards she asked us to guess what we ate. There were like these fried ball things. It’s kinda normal here to pull leftovers together, throw it together with some dough and fry it. So I guessed pasta, rice, potatoes. Turns out we ate cow brain. It was actually really good. And now I’m smarter.

Today we have transfers- nothing is changing -I’m finishing up here in Catan. I sent my Brazilian friend to get my mail. So I’m hoping it gets here hahaha. 
Well we were doing visits with a member. She recently got of the mission. It was kinda late and we got stranded without buses. When we do visits with hermanas we always try to take good care of them. Like walk them back home so they get there safe, but this time we got stranded and it was really far walking. So we called a member and they came to get us. But since it was already dark there were no people in the street. Which isn’t a good thing. I got really nervous cause we have this sister with us that’s also nervous. And then out of the shadows this drunk guy comes up and wants to talk to us. He didn’t do anything but I was so nervous that all I could think about was what we were gonna do if he pulled out a knife or something. I was just over nervous, but it all turned out ok. I just planned on punching him and running with the hermana.

I love this area so much.
I love you guys ton!
Elder Sawyer

P.s. my camera died and I don’t have a way to charge it right now cause the kid with the adaptor got transferred... (:   I will just wait till another new Yankee gets here and borrow his  haha

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