Thursday, June 30, 2016

goodbye and hello- June 29 & 30, 2016

saying goodbye to President Thurgood
saying welcome to President Calquin (from Chile)

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

"last photo with Prez and Sister Thurgood, I'm gonna miss them a lot."
"this is like the Hollywood sign, but in Catan"

Well, it was a solid week. I traveled a ton to do some paper work and do intercambios so it was a lot of time on buses. I learned a lot of Mexican words to use with Andrew when I get home. Talking with Mexicans makes me realize how many words aren’t gonna make any sense to people up there. Yes, I heard about the games. I was invited to watch it many times. No one likes Messi. I gave a talk yesterday in church for like 20 minutes. They left me at the end to take up all the time that was left over after the youth speakers. We also had the farewell with prez this week. It was super sad. He called me last night to say goodbye. It was sad, but he told me to come and visit him. We have a Colombian investigator now who’s really cool, but talks funny. He’s the boyfriend of a menos activa. We started teaching all them this week. They’re all doing really well. The biggest difficulty right now is the weather. It got really cold and started raining, which means the chapel had a lot less people in it and we have to cancel our activity. We were gonna play on a big synthetic field and eat chorizo. That fell apart with the storm so now were gonna go to the stake center and play dodgeball or something. Now I just have to figutr out how to cook 65 chorizos... I’m nervous to go home, but excited. It’s a weird feeling. I love you all and I’ll be seeing you soon...

1- what size do you wear in Nike shoes? need to know for football coaching.
1- 9.5-10-the contaminated water has made me grow so I’m probably a ten now
2- do you want me to put out a general invite to the airport, or just family (and DJ)? or just our family?
2 -do whatever you want just make sure you’re there with Abby
3- do you still have your Argentina flag?
3-yea I didn’t realize it was there for like my whole time here
4- what do you want me to make for some of the dinners when you get home?
4 macaroni and cheese, tamales, waffles, salad. I’m so excited to eat healthy.

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

 Well, you all just like blew my mind with all the news you just sent me so I’m gonna make a list of commentaries.

1. Send my love to the Johnson family. He was one of my priest quorum leaders and was really great. I’m super sad to hear about that. Please let them know that I really appreciated everything that that he did for me and that he made an impact on me. I’m grateful for have had great young men leaders that helped me get to where I’m at.
2. With the game on Tuesday (Copa America- USA versus Argentina)-- me and my comp agreed that for at least this week I’m from Canada. 
3. Send a message to Travis and the wife and wish him my best wishes- I’ll be happy to see them!
4. That’s great about the baptism in Longchamps.  I remember teaching him. Can you send a message to the Armijos and tell them that I’m gonna be in the temple the 8th of July. 
5. hahaha the Caviliers won. One of the elders here is a huge b-ball fan and like freaked out when I told him the Warriors lost. Sounds like they had a good season.......
6. I’m ready to coach any sport, well football or futbol.) haha  I also need a massage and physical therapy. My whole body hurts.

So this was a goodish week.  We had a lot of things fall through and it made it kinda tough. Gonzalez Catan is kind of  a nasty place. I’m glad I’m finishing up here. Presidente Thurgood is finishing up this week so that’s sad. It’s weird right now. We’re just working super hard. It’s just super natural now. We get back just fried every night. The toughest thing was contacting a lady and finding out that she is an ex missionary that has been inactive for 5 years. We’re gonna reactivate her. Makes me thing about the importance of staying firm in everything that I have learned. I love you all a ton and I’m finishing strong have a good week I love you all!
take care! besitos!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 14/15, 2016- zone meeting and Buenos Aires Temple trip

"on the rich train
it's just the nice train. it cost like 3 pesos. 30 cents. its just really nice, the other ones are falling apart and this train looks like it belongs in Utah not Catan"
"lunch in the temple waiting area"
"we are all from Arizona"

Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

from Facebook- 'cooking in the house"

So remember when I got robbed like 2 months ago and they took my scriptures and stuff and I was really sad? Well, someone found them in the road and returned them. It was actually pretty cool. One of the people that collects trash in the street found them and gave them to a Christian family. The family then called one of the numbers that they found in my hym book and somehow got in contact with elder Ponce. He then sent me the number of the lady, I called her and we went to her house in another ward to go and pick them up. I got back my Bible, my hymn book, my mission manual, the photos that I bring to show people of my fam and my little hymn book. The only one that was really damaged was the Bible that had gotten a little wet. It was really crazy. Sadly the lady didn’t want to hear our message, but was super excited to return the stuff to me. It was a pretty cool experience I was mostly happy to see my little hymn book- that little guy is the only thing that has survived (meaning not gotten stolen) basically the whole mish. 

The best news of the week is that the super awesome familia Baes. The parents are married. I might get to see the baptism. I’m pretty pumped about that. It’s funny they only want us to teach if the entire family is seated at the table. Even the little 3 year old. They’re pretty awesome. 

Mariah from the bank is doing really well. She always tells us how we were guided to her house. It’s fun teaching her cause she gets it all and is super willing to read and pray and share and she wants her kids to listen too. She has had a hard life and it’s great to see how the gospel can help her. 

I’m cold and basically haven’t take my scarf off in a week. But we got the electricity back and I got another blanket so I’m gonna survive. 

I have heard a lot about the Copa America. I heard we beat Paraguay. There are a ton of Paraguayans here. I’ve decided to say I’m from Canada so they don’t get mad at me. I don’t know if I have ever told you guys this but lots of argentines don’t really like Messi. Mostly cause he plays in Spain. and they think he’s a comilon or a gloton or a fomilon or a ball hog. Depending on what country your from and what language your speaking. I can play soccer in Portuguese hahaha. 
I love you guys a lot have a good week!


1- gross story-
I had an elder cut my hair one night. I used my towel to like block the hair like the thing you put on us when you cut our hair. I forgot to wash it and used it to dry myself and ended up covered in hair, that was pretty gross

2- funny story-
I learned that if you put water with hot oil it catches on fire. I was cooking eggs and I accidently put some water in there and it blew up in my face. I also tried to kill a giant spider with an aerosol can and a lighter. I missed and it fell into behind the stairs. It was huge. 

3- Do you get to see President Thurgood before he goes home?
Yes, this week in the temple and the week after in a conference. We’re going to the temple this week I forgot to mention that. 

family birthday party

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

ward activity
Dear people,

It is too cold right now. Our electric wires blew up again so we are going to be without our electric heater for like 4 days. I literally might die.... hahahaha I feel like a pioneer living in the snow. I sit down reading the scriptures and I can see my breath inside our apartment. I finally decided to go downstairs and turn on the stove and sit by the oven to study. You might not believe it, but the only thing I would take from AZ over Argentina right now is the weather. 

This week was one of those weeks with tons of mtgs and travelling. I spent a lot of time standing in buses. I also had to go and so some Visa work. At first I was kinda annoyed to have to go and do visa work at the END of my mission. But then I realized the great opportunity I got. I just had to renew my DNI so I finished in like an hour. The other Elders in the zone that I had gone with were going to be there for like another 3 hours. We do this paperwork in Adrogue. Adrogue is right next to guess what?-. Longchamps! I got to go with another Elder for like 3 hours to visit people there. It was awesome. It was so great to see everyone again and see all the progress everyone has made. I got to eat lunch with the Armijo’s. 

The cool story of the week was a family that we were guided to find. In the morning we had to go and take out plata. When we got to the atm there was a lady there working and cleaning it. We asked if we could pass by and use it. While I was pulling the money out my comp talked to the lady, turns out she lives in Catan. Turns out there wasn’t money in the atm so we walked away without asking her for her info. Afterwards we were like oh shoot, why didn’t we ask her.  Later that same day were walking super lejos from where we were with a teenager doing visits. We see a big banner of the rival team of Lanus. The teenager we were with likes Lanus so he said we should go knock their door. We knock and guess who comes out?- the lady from the atm it was a cool experience to see the Lord guide us. 

I love you guys a ton -have a good week!


Leadership Council
Elders Tinoco & Sawyer