Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

from Facebook- 'cooking in the house"

So remember when I got robbed like 2 months ago and they took my scriptures and stuff and I was really sad? Well, someone found them in the road and returned them. It was actually pretty cool. One of the people that collects trash in the street found them and gave them to a Christian family. The family then called one of the numbers that they found in my hym book and somehow got in contact with elder Ponce. He then sent me the number of the lady, I called her and we went to her house in another ward to go and pick them up. I got back my Bible, my hymn book, my mission manual, the photos that I bring to show people of my fam and my little hymn book. The only one that was really damaged was the Bible that had gotten a little wet. It was really crazy. Sadly the lady didn’t want to hear our message, but was super excited to return the stuff to me. It was a pretty cool experience I was mostly happy to see my little hymn book- that little guy is the only thing that has survived (meaning not gotten stolen) basically the whole mish. 

The best news of the week is that the super awesome familia Baes. The parents are married. I might get to see the baptism. I’m pretty pumped about that. It’s funny they only want us to teach if the entire family is seated at the table. Even the little 3 year old. They’re pretty awesome. 

Mariah from the bank is doing really well. She always tells us how we were guided to her house. It’s fun teaching her cause she gets it all and is super willing to read and pray and share and she wants her kids to listen too. She has had a hard life and it’s great to see how the gospel can help her. 

I’m cold and basically haven’t take my scarf off in a week. But we got the electricity back and I got another blanket so I’m gonna survive. 

I have heard a lot about the Copa America. I heard we beat Paraguay. There are a ton of Paraguayans here. I’ve decided to say I’m from Canada so they don’t get mad at me. I don’t know if I have ever told you guys this but lots of argentines don’t really like Messi. Mostly cause he plays in Spain. and they think he’s a comilon or a gloton or a fomilon or a ball hog. Depending on what country your from and what language your speaking. I can play soccer in Portuguese hahaha. 
I love you guys a lot have a good week!


1- gross story-
I had an elder cut my hair one night. I used my towel to like block the hair like the thing you put on us when you cut our hair. I forgot to wash it and used it to dry myself and ended up covered in hair, that was pretty gross

2- funny story-
I learned that if you put water with hot oil it catches on fire. I was cooking eggs and I accidently put some water in there and it blew up in my face. I also tried to kill a giant spider with an aerosol can and a lighter. I missed and it fell into behind the stairs. It was huge. 

3- Do you get to see President Thurgood before he goes home?
Yes, this week in the temple and the week after in a conference. We’re going to the temple this week I forgot to mention that. 

family birthday party

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