Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

 Well, you all just like blew my mind with all the news you just sent me so I’m gonna make a list of commentaries.

1. Send my love to the Johnson family. He was one of my priest quorum leaders and was really great. I’m super sad to hear about that. Please let them know that I really appreciated everything that that he did for me and that he made an impact on me. I’m grateful for have had great young men leaders that helped me get to where I’m at.
2. With the game on Tuesday (Copa America- USA versus Argentina)-- me and my comp agreed that for at least this week I’m from Canada. 
3. Send a message to Travis and the wife and wish him my best wishes- I’ll be happy to see them!
4. That’s great about the baptism in Longchamps.  I remember teaching him. Can you send a message to the Armijos and tell them that I’m gonna be in the temple the 8th of July. 
5. hahaha the Caviliers won. One of the elders here is a huge b-ball fan and like freaked out when I told him the Warriors lost. Sounds like they had a good season.......
6. I’m ready to coach any sport, well football or futbol.) haha  I also need a massage and physical therapy. My whole body hurts.

So this was a goodish week.  We had a lot of things fall through and it made it kinda tough. Gonzalez Catan is kind of  a nasty place. I’m glad I’m finishing up here. Presidente Thurgood is finishing up this week so that’s sad. It’s weird right now. We’re just working super hard. It’s just super natural now. We get back just fried every night. The toughest thing was contacting a lady and finding out that she is an ex missionary that has been inactive for 5 years. We’re gonna reactivate her. Makes me thing about the importance of staying firm in everything that I have learned. I love you all a ton and I’m finishing strong have a good week I love you all!
take care! besitos!

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