Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez

ward activity
Dear people,

It is too cold right now. Our electric wires blew up again so we are going to be without our electric heater for like 4 days. I literally might die.... hahahaha I feel like a pioneer living in the snow. I sit down reading the scriptures and I can see my breath inside our apartment. I finally decided to go downstairs and turn on the stove and sit by the oven to study. You might not believe it, but the only thing I would take from AZ over Argentina right now is the weather. 

This week was one of those weeks with tons of mtgs and travelling. I spent a lot of time standing in buses. I also had to go and so some Visa work. At first I was kinda annoyed to have to go and do visa work at the END of my mission. But then I realized the great opportunity I got. I just had to renew my DNI so I finished in like an hour. The other Elders in the zone that I had gone with were going to be there for like another 3 hours. We do this paperwork in Adrogue. Adrogue is right next to guess what?-. Longchamps! I got to go with another Elder for like 3 hours to visit people there. It was awesome. It was so great to see everyone again and see all the progress everyone has made. I got to eat lunch with the Armijo’s. 

The cool story of the week was a family that we were guided to find. In the morning we had to go and take out plata. When we got to the atm there was a lady there working and cleaning it. We asked if we could pass by and use it. While I was pulling the money out my comp talked to the lady, turns out she lives in Catan. Turns out there wasn’t money in the atm so we walked away without asking her for her info. Afterwards we were like oh shoot, why didn’t we ask her.  Later that same day were walking super lejos from where we were with a teenager doing visits. We see a big banner of the rival team of Lanus. The teenager we were with likes Lanus so he said we should go knock their door. We knock and guess who comes out?- the lady from the atm it was a cool experience to see the Lord guide us. 

I love you guys a ton -have a good week!


Leadership Council
Elders Tinoco & Sawyer

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