Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4 2016- in Gonzalez Catan with Elder Marquez.

Dear family, 
like you all know I have one week left in Argentina. and it’s basically gonna be a vacation. But really I’m gonna be in my area for like half the week which is kinda sad. Wednesday we have leadership council, Thursday we have a tour of capital and Friday we go to the temple and have interviews with prez, Saturday is a ward activity and Sunday is gonna be sad. It’s gonna be a really fun week. I’m trying really hard to get everything figured out.
We have had a ton of success these last few days and we have done it all in the rain. It has not stopped raining for like 3 days. We have walked in the rain to appointments basically the whole time. It’s great to see how the efforts really are worth it. We started teaching a family where only one person is a member. It’s a ton of kids- so its super fun. I gave them all nicknames already. also we finally got a lesson in with the Baes family. They are awesome –they’re life is just so full of stuff. They’re always so happy to talk with us, but they want the whole family to be there always- and that’s kinda hard to get. We taught them a lesson today in the morning and it went really well. With these two families I took out my first baptismal dates for days when I’m not going to be a missionary…….
We met Pres Calquin- we had a conference with him this week and it was cool. He’s a funny guy. I’m really not gonna have any time with him, but it is fun to help with the changes. Him and his wife are super Chilean and it’s funny to hear the accent. He says a lot of Chilean words that only me and the Chileans understand (it helps to have had 3 companions from Chile) 
We deep fried Oreos to and made snickerdoodles this week. I’m super excited to see all of you guys. I love you tons.  
This is my last email so I want to tell you all that I know the church is true. I have had the greatest opportunity of my life to see so many miracles here. I love you all and I love our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
See you in a week!
Elder Sawyer

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